Introducing Ride On Shockwave [1.60] [March 2024]

We’ve leveled up the Ride On Bomb visuals with a feature called Ride On Shockwave. When you send a Ride On Bomb, it sends a ripple across the tarmac.
Ride On Shockwave

  • Only the sender of a Ride On Bomb will see the new visual effect…
  • Send a Ride On Bomb by holding down the Z button on the Play controller, or tapping the white circle around your location on the Companion app’s mini map (the white circle around the triangle icon)

Q: When will I see Ride On Shockwave?
A: This will appear once you’ve updated Zwift to game version 1.60 during this week’s phased rollout.

Q: Does this work for runners?
A: Yes, the shockwave is available in both Running and Riding

Q: Does the wave indicate who received a Ride On?
A: The ripple isn’t intended to be super-precise. When you use it, you’ll likely see some outside the visual effect receiving your Ride On, especially if you’re already given Ride Ons to nearby Zwifters.

Q: How many people receive a Ride On with the Shockwave?
A: The limit remains the same as before - 5 individuals nearby.

Q: Can I turn off Ride On Shockwave?
A: There is no on/off switch in the game settings menu.


Glad you set it to only show for the sender of the rideon bomb. Would still be nice to be able to toggle it on/off though. (Off by default for these new visuals would be a nice to have suggestion)


Would be nice to have the option to turn this off, especially the part were the rider receiving is highlighted for those that have turned of rider highlighting


I always wondered how to do those ride on bombs. Now I know how! Thanks!


so disabling rider highlight in the settings doesn’t turn this function off?

Can you please add an option to turn this off? It’s really annoying.


Nope, I have rider highlight turned off and shockwave still exists.

Would it work w/o controllers? Is there a bottom in the menu below where things like u-turns and pictures and proformed?

only other way is with the companion app map screen, touch the white circle around your arrow/location on the map.

Ok, thanks!

TBH, introducing another graphical feature while there are some outstanding graphical problems (like red squares and black squares) does seem like pouring oil on the fire.


Ok, great. NOW, can you FIX the so-called Apple Watch support and FIX the broken coffee break in group rides? Stop putting lipstick on the pig and fix stuff that actually matters?


they did… read the update notes

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Could the Ride On Bomb be added to the keyboard with a shortcut or something?


I noticed an issue with the shockwave update. I posted an issue in Bugs and Support.
But here is the text if you don’t feel like going over:

There is a disparity for Ride-Ons sent via Ride-On bomb between Companion App and Game App. It seems with the new visualization of the Ride On bomb, the distance range has been decreased in Game. In Companion App, it still shows that a Ride On is sent when a rider is within 15m, but the Game does not show a Ride On Thumb above the rider. When the rider is within 5m, the Ride On is again shown on the app, and also in the Game. This behavior occurred while riding the climb portal for La Laguna Negra. Because of the spacing between riders and slow approach on upcoming riders, it was easy to confirm and repeat this behavior.

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I tried this once, really don’t like it. The shockwave is OK but I don’t like the highlighting. I guess I just won’t be giving away any ride ons until I can turn it off.


I rode today with the new 1.60 upgrade. Didn’t see anything resembling what is described as the shockwave. Looked all over for it for 30 minutes of ride time.

I don’t ride with Companion. I ride in the primary Zwift using my iPhone.

You only see a shockwave when you use a “ride on bomb”, and you only see your own, not those made from other riders. You can only activate a ride on bomb using the play controllers or the companion app.

So if you’re not using the companion app, and assuming you don’t use the play controllers, then you won’t see one.

I don’t see why anyone would want to disable this. It’s a nice effect which confirms that the ride-on bomb worked: good seeing small improvements to the game in addition to larger changes.

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I have the Zwift app. That’s what I run. Is the “play controller” something other than the controls I have in the Zwift app?