AOE Ride On's to others

(Michael Kosmatka) #1

Click a button to give Ride On’s to a group of riders riding in the same direction within a certain proximity of you. AOE = area of effect.

Or maybe when you go through the gates zwift gives you a Ride On. Sad when you ride long distance and you have no props :frowning:

(Richard Freeth ZHR (G)) #2

Zwift does this already on my setup just click on yourself on the map and you see about 5 to anybody in range.

(Daren) #3

But on the other hand they’re less meaningful when they aren’t deliberately targeted.

(Daren) #4

Is that on the Zwift phone app?

(Michael Kosmatka) #5

@Richard_Freeth Should be more apparent - didn’t even know this feature existed. @Daren_Chandisingh - I agree it should be a meaningful interaction, you can always put a timer on it to click it again if Ride On’s become spam. That said, there are times though I don’t give Ride On’s because of the need to dive into the UI to do it. Should be easier and more apparent.

(Richard Freeth ZHR (G)) #6

Yes it is in the phone app, and yes they could perhaps make it more widely known, maybe that the reason for getting this easier to use forum?

I have noticed it’s very randon when riding in a group but seems to “know” that a rider already has been given a ride on. I have notice while I puff and pant up a climb and want to rider on somebody as they overtake me, the downhill riders also are caught in the net. Maybe a nice feature would be they restrict the rideon’s to riders going in the same direction.

(Daren) #7

I tried this last night, and couldn’t get it to work. It’s really hard to press on my own arrow when everything’s moving. Even zoomed in as much as I could I found it nigh on impossible to press on the right thing.

(Companion on Android)

(C lau) #8

Zooming out would work better in this case, arrow moving slower.
It works for me but I hold it for a couple of seconds before the ride-ons kick in.

(Daren) #9

But then the arrow is too small for me to target accurately. I tried it both ways. =)

Would be easier just to have the “Ride On!” button do the AoE thing.

(G odmother Fox (Neo2)) #10

yes, it’s not easy to hit it, especially while pedaling hard … and even more, it seems (imho) sometimes it doesn’t work at all …

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #11

The multi ride on on the companion only work in free ride (i.e. Not in group rides, Group workouts or while training).

You will see a white circle around your position on the app when you can use this feature.

(Steve Ellis) #12

I’ve found that the multi-ride-on always works while I’m doing an individual Zwift training/workout.

(Daren) #13

Well, that a) would explain it, and b) sucks buttock.