Make the button that yells rideon, give rideon bombs

I can’t believe this isn’t a feature yet!
Why do you have a button that says rideon, one that gives a rideon and one that gives rideon bombs and they are all in different locations, one isn’t even on the screen but the companion app?
Can’t you just make the rideon-yell give out rideons instead of it just being an anoying sound that people repeatedly press for a minute at a time?
I’d like to use sounds in zwift but it’s kind of hard to justify when MANY of the zwifters actually think this gives rideons and are spamming it.

It would probably make it a bit easier for those using a mobile device or appleTV to give rideons aswell.

Was thinking that for long!! :smiley:

We’ve been asking for this for literally years.

See this thread:

…and yes, a lot of people spam that button thinking they’re actually giving ride-ons. Mention it (and the white circle) in any Pace Partner ride and you’ll get a lot of shocked responses - “I was today years old when I learned this.” (followed by a carpet-bomb of ride-ons as people discover the white circle)

See also the bell/wave/hammer/toast/smiley buttons that have ZERO functionality other than to compel users to mute their computers and go back to listening to podcasts while riding.


The wave is silent. Save the wave.


While the “wave” is at least not obnoxious, the Companion App has limited screen real-estate. Per my other thread: any UI that results in having to scroll to find a virtual button is a hard fail.

I don’t see there being enough room for the wave button without displacing something more important. (barring a major app redesign - which we know isn’t going to happen any time Zoon)


Hey now. I will say that I managed to use the Hammer button to good effect just yesterday. Makuri group ride, fell off the lead group up the KOM. Topped it, caught another rider on the descent, and used the Hammer button to help indicate that we should ride together. He and I TTed down the hill and all the way to the finish, trading pulls the whole way, sprinted shoulder-to-shoulder across the finish. Was a really fun way to finish the ride. I also slowed when I passed him up top, so that helped communicate my point too. But there can be individual use cases for those buttons, perhaps.

(In general, though…yeah. Just useless sound most of the time :slight_smile: )


That thread is closed, yet no work has been done to improve the companion app.
It’s about time they get another “kick in the butt” so to say.

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Lately I’ve been Zwifting on my phone because Zwift keeps locking up on my PC.

Can’t give a Ride On bomb from the Companion if I’m already using my phone for Zwift.

I support this idea.

Another option would be to have a Ride On thumb beside my name permanently. If I click/tap that, it could give a Ride On bomb.