Wave button Companion App

Noticed tonight that clicking the wave button in companion during a run does nothing to your avatar. Has this always been broken, or is this a new thing? I just started using the run portion, so find it a little odd that this works for cycling, but not running. Not a big deal, just figured I would ask and then report it - so it could get thrown to the depths of the Zwift backlog, never to be seen again!

All it does is shout “Ride On!” Should it do something different?

In the cycling side, the avatar raises their hand and mimics a wave. Figured the actions would be the same. In the cycling one, there is also a separate button (thumbs up) that when you hit it, you shout “Ride On”.

Oh, okay I see, I usually use my tablet for the program and companion on phone for messages and mass thumbs up,… I will have to check out this wave function tomorrow when I run

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Cool! Like I said, not a huge deal, just something I noticed while knocking out stage 4. I like to wave at people cycling because it is just sort of funny and the only real interaction you can do within the game,

Consider upvoting this thread: Companion App UI cleanup: DELETE BUTTONS

There’s a LOT that could be cleaned up in the Companion app…

On the riding side, the avatar actually doesn’t wave if you’re on an MTB.

WTF? Lol

Done! Amazing writeup! I’m not sure why they can’t repurpose the “thumbs up” button to replace hitting the white circle on the GPS to give “mass rideons” this way, you would have it for every event and not just free rides.

The fact that they don’t make mass rideons possible for group rides sort of confuses me. The whole point of a group ride is to be friendly and it seems like a missed opportunity

Oof… accidentally deleted my well-written reply.

Zwift used to allow batch ride-ons in events but someone pointed out recently on the forum the removed it for CPU load issues it was causing. (not sure if client or server side).

At least we know it was deliberate and not an oversight.

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typical MTB’er …

its a joke people, calm down


Maybe they could turn it on for group events instead of tapping on the person in companion to give 1 thumbs up, you could hit the wave and it would do the same as the tap screen but on a smaller radius