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I had a very bad experience with a zwifter last week. which was my first and only in 4 years of riding online… and i was surprised to discover there isnt a block option, only remove from followers. I removed and they added me again. So i made my account private, which i dont really prefer to do. They keep requesting to follow. Id like to just make them vanish completely, forever.
Please add this.

Unfortunately it happens. I’m in the midst of trying to get someone removed for just what you are describing. It should not be so hard to do this. HQ - 2 emails and no response from you - please?


I’m a bit uncertain of what the privacy settings do. But, isn’t the primary function of the privacy settings to make it so nobody can follow you that you don’t approve? Maybe a dumb question, but why wouldn’t everyone keep this turned on (which i think it is by default)?

Not to drop a name, but might this person’s initials be TM Sarah?

Might it be easier to drop Eric a message since I follow him?

I find it highly unusual that you have no options to block a user.

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You are correct. It’s been a nightmare on all my social, Zwift, Strava, Instagram… etc.

I would absolutely love to have this as an option. I’ve denied a friend request for a person, and they just keep requesting.

Ok. He’s been a rash all over the place. Moderator - my name at geemale.

Time to get this done!!!

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A very bad rash

I’ve sent ANOTHER request to Support to take action TODAY.

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No response from anyone… I have direct messaged Eric on LinkedIn…


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Thank you

How does this work? Can someone send multiple follower requests if you never action it the first time? In other words, can’t you just ignore the request forever and does this stop ever getting any more of them from that person?

Yes, that could work. Or, the person in question could cancel the request and just resend it again. It’s an inconvenience, and a block option would be ideal for this type of situation. I don’t want to have to deal with this every few days/weeks/etc


I got a response they they are now monitoring him. I stated that they already have, I feel, enough proof to take action.


That’s good news. I’ve gotten at least 4 requests in the past 3 days :confused:

I appreciate all the help. It’s been a stressful, concerning week.

I’d still hope for an option to block instantly anyone who I feel threatened by or uncomfortable with without waiting days, pleading my case, or having to change my name and hide. It’s just so odd to me that it isn’t there to use.


Agreed. It also shouldn’t take 5 days for action to be taken. I started this last Thursday when I was notified by a fellow rider of this unacceptable behavior.

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Another request. And I keep changing my name subtly to make it less easy…

I’m ready to go Rouvy.


We’ve been working on a blocking feature to address these concerns. We will share more details as we get closer to releasing it.