My Zwift RunPod works with everything, except Zwift

I bought it a few weeks ago, initially it worked fine, but now after it connects it just reads 0 for speed. It says it’s connected, but my avatar won’t move, and I can’t calibrate the device because it just always says I’m not moving.

I can connect the runpod to my watch, or to a different phone app and it works fine, but not Zwift. I have swapped batteries and tried on two different phones.

I googled my question and found some people solved the issue by downloading the milestone (?) app and updating the runpod, but that app doesn’t exist anymore, and I don’t think zwift has anyway to update their own device?

What else can I try?

I have the same pod, I found it took a long time to connect and on occasion it just stood still like you said. I used the companion app to get it working and then it eventually it would work through Apple TV Bluetooth.
I make sure that there is minimal Bluetooth in the area of my workout, I turn off other devices to not clutter my connection.
It works very well now.
You may have to remove it from your other devices first to get it working with your primary, I had that problem with my HRM. I found removing and then restarting the other devices did the trick and Apple TV was able to pick it up quickly.
Nothing worse stomping and getting nowhere. Best of luck.

Ya I have tried those fixes as well.

It’s just strange because it works when I connect it to my watch or another phone app. So I don’t think its a connection issue. It only doesn’t work with the Zwift app.

I’ve had 2 Zwift pods, first worked great for a few months then did this and I never got it to give data again… always said it was connected and if I was quick first connection after battery out/in it would show speed for a couple of seconds and then zero and repeat…

Zwift eventually advised I replace it and luckily Amazon refunded me. I ordered another direct from Zwift. This one was exactly the same straight out of the box… Zwift refunded me without even trying to fix the issue… now I invested in a Stryd pod an so great it’s been great!

Doesn’t help you too much I know, I still have both pods and Amazon and Zwift didn’t even want them sending back, I’m not convinced either has a hardware failure but I just could not get them to play!!

My wife’s runpod did this when she first got it, but was fine after a firmware update.

How did she do the update? From what I read on Zwift it should just appear as update required when you pair it to Zwift but that never happened so assumes Firmware was up to date.

IIRC (and it was well over a year ago now) there was an icon that appeared on the pairing screen and when she clicked on that it took her to the update … but that could be because she didn’t do it the first time it was offered.

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