Avatar stops/starts using Apple Watch series 3

I can’t seem to keep my avatar running. I’ll pair the Apple Watch, go in-game and sometimes it won’t move at all, other times it’ll run steady and fairly accurately, but suddenly stops and starts. I found suggestions about turning on “do not disturb” during workouts and a few other things, but that didn’t solve it. I’m using the companion app and Apple TV 4K. Tried it with the iPad Pro (2017) and same issues.

I have really solid internet. The Wahoo Kickr is rock solid via companion app. When biking, I use the Watch to keep track of HR. I do see dropouts from time to time (very sharp/fast drops). I can only figure there is a signal issue or that my Watch isn’t 100%. I see and read about people using the Watch with little to no issue. Any thoughts? Thanks!

I use the Apple Watch for heart rate all the time when I run on Zwift and it works great for that. But once, when my run pod went out before an event, I used the Apple Watch for speed as well as heart rate, and the experience wasn’t so good. I think the main problem is that Zwift reads speed, but does not read cadence data from the Apple Watch, which in turn made for very herky-jerky avatar movement on screen. You’re better off with a run pod.

Appreciate the reply Jim. What run pod are you using, if I may ask?

I’ve been using the Zwift RunPod since I started Zwifting, as it was an inexpensive way to try out the experience. You do have to periodically change the battery, but it’s a fairly solid bit of tech – nothing fancy, but it’s reliable. I get the occasional bluetooth dropout for a few seconds, but I’m not sure that’s the Zwift RunPod’s fault. My story above about my pod going out was because I hadn’t changed the battery. I do plan on trying a more advanced run pod in the near future, probably the Stryd, which records a lot more data and is rechargeable.

I‘ve been thinking about trying the Zwift pod as well. Price makes it an easy try, and hopefully it’ll do the job without too much frustration. If I find myself wanting or needing more data, I’ll look to upgrade. Thanks.

I used both the apple watch and milestone(now Zwift) runpod for over a year. I would switch back and forth between the two based on whichever I coud get to work. One would work for up to several months and then not work so I’d switch. It was very frustrating. I finally gave up and bought a Stryd. It was expensive but it always connects immediately and it never drops out, which both the apple watch and Milestone would do regularly.

Thanks Mike. It’s good to know the Stryd is very reliable. I really should make the jump.