Zwift run issue. Avatar stop running

First time running with Zwift today ! Connecting my Zwift run pod when pefect, calibration fine to. But while I was running my avatar stoped completely at least 5 time thrughout my run… Had to slow the speed of my treedmile to walk (speed) then my avatar started waking again. Someone can help. Thanks :slight_smile: .

Hey Jose!

There have been several reports of running avatars stopping and starting during a run, as well as having trouble finishing run calibration. This appears as a dropout on Zwift, where the speed goes to 0 then jumps back up quickly to actual speed.

If you have not already done so, please check for any bluetooth interference issues​, and that your battery on your device is full.

If you’re still finding issues, we would like to request the .fit file of your problematic run for our dev team to analyze please submit a support ticket.

To help our team identify and further investigate, we also ask for any specifics during the run to reproduce this in our labs:

  • What platform are you using Zwift on - PC/Mac/iOS/Apple TV?

  • What environment are you running in (any fans, A/C etc)?

  • What speed/pace are you running at when the problem occurs?

  • What frequency are the dropouts and how long are they?

Thanks for your help with this! :smiley: