Bluetooth problems in fitness-studio


I want to use Zwift run with my 2018 iPad Pro in my fitness-studio (also tried this with an iPad Air, both latest iOS 13.3). There are, as usual, many treadmills next to each other and all of them are sending via bluetooth.
My setup is a Stryde runpod and a Wahoo Tickr HRM (both ANT+ and Bluetooth). No need for me to pair with the treadmill, as my sensors provide everything necessary for Zwift.
But I have no chance of a reliable connection to either of them. It takes Zwift forever to show my Stryd pod in the search-list (many! other sensors listed there) and when connected it will either loose the connection or it will not get any power or cadence information from the sensor. Same goes for the HRM.
If I move away from all the treadmills, there is no problem connecting my sensors. But in order to run, I have to be on a treadmill…
Zwift is obviously overwhelmed by the many bluetooth signals around.
With this limitation, it actually totally fails its purpose to use for indoor running.
Any solutions?


No one having this problem?