Bowflex Treadmill 7 undetectable from Zwift

I have been using Zwift run with Bowflex Treadmill 7 (known as Zwift compatible) connected via Bluetooth since Fall 2021. It has been working okay at least by the end of Sep 2022 when I had to stop doing Zwift for some reason. Now I came back and just found that the treadmill could no longer be detected by Zwift from iPhone (iOS16.5) / IPad Pro (iPad OS 16.5) using the latest Zwift app (1.42.0).

The treadmill can connect via Bluetooth with these devices for audio, so I’m sure that it’s Bluetooth works okay. I guess this would be an issue of the Zwift app rather than my treadmill.

Although I saw many threads regarding Bowflex treadmill connection issues in late 2022, I’m not 100% sure if I’m on the same issue. Does anyone offer help to figure out this with me?

Thank you very much!

I have zero experience with your treadmill, but I can tell you that many treadmill users pair to Zwift using the QZ app as an intermediary (pair the treadmill to QZ, pair QZ to Zwift) which provides support for automatic incline adjustment and helps many treadmills work with Zwift. That might be worth trying. You could also check with Bowflex support and see if they have a firmware update or other troubleshooting options. In Zwift you have the option to pair the treadmill directly to Zwift, or via the Companion app. I would try it both ways. You could also get a Bluetooth scanner app such as Bluetooth Inspector, and see if the treadmill is discoverable there as something other than an audio device.


Hi Kazu,

There’s an existing issue that effects Bowflex treadmills of which given the timescales since you last used it fits your issue perfectly.

@Rowdy can often assist by making changes that’ll help you pair.

I’ve tagged him in and hopefully he’ll reach out to you shortly.


Thanks a lot for the info. I only skimmed it but looks like a charm! I will try it and check if it will be a good resolution for this issue.

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply! I will wait for @Rowdy’s response on this issue.

Hello and welcome to the forums, @Kazu_3671!

I’m sorry for the delay in getting to this thread. The issue that affected Bowflex treadmill users last September should be fixed, so this may be a new issue. I’ve reached out to you directly via Support email, so we can take a closer look at your setup. Once we figure out what’s going on, I can follow up in this thread with an answer.