Zwift on iphone, speed sensor pairing issue with the last release on appstore

Hi, used to use and pair my speed sensor with Zwift on my iphone with no issue until today.
Today, for the 1st time, Impossible to pair by Garmin speed sensor 2 and the iphone, while pairing with the watch through Ant+ and also the mabook through bluetooth. Yesterday evening, I just upgraded my zwift (iphone 's Appstore), any bug regarding the bluethooth connection with the speed sensors on that last release?

having exactly the same issue with my Garmin speed and cadence sensors, I’ve reinstalled the app 3/4 times, taken the batteries out of the sensors and left them for hours … tried my ipad and two different phones … and now trawling through the forums trying to find a fix !

Ditto here - have exact same problem with Garmin speed and cadence sensors. I want to get back to riding. So frustrated!

I have had the same issue with the Garmin speed and cadence sensors 2. Help from Zwift has been minimal and very slow.