ANT+ Stick compatibility

Hello, I m new here. I like idea about Zwift so much, and would like to try it ASAP! :) 

I have all devices I need except ANT+ Stick, so would like to ask you if sth like this should work in Zwift?


I have Garmin Edge 810 and am not sure if it’s goin to pair with this ANT+ Stick, so I am asking you for help. :slight_smile:


Thanks in advance, Danko.

I’m using the Ant+ dongle that came with my Garmin 310XT and that’s working, so I guess that as this states it works with the 310XT it too will work.

That ANT+ dongle should work with Zwift. You may want to message the seller to make sure it’s USB 2 if you want to be certain, though.

If you’re referring to using your Garmin 810 with Zwift, I do want to mention now that it won’t work. Zwift is not compatible with bike computers or any other devices that only receive data. Zwift reads data, but doesn’t transmit it back. Likewise, these devices do not transmit data for Zwift to receive.

While these computers aren’t compatible with Zwift, you can utilize many of the same functions with the Zwift mobile app (which is free to download on the Apple store and Play store for iOS and Android mobile devices).

This is the one I am using mate:


It works perfectly with my new Bushido Smart and worked perfectly previous to this with my Bontrager Duotrap Digital.

Thanks everyone for answer. Already ordered :slight_smile: I wasnt thinking that my edge will comunicate with Zwift, but speed, cadance and heart rate sensor, so when i said garmin edge, I thought its bundle :slight_smile:

Thanks again, hope to see you all soon on road :wink: