USB support

First, I want to thank the Zwift team for creating such an amazing environment that allows health, gaming and social interaction to come together under one roof.
I’m new to Zwift and really like what I see!
My only issue so far has been the inconsistent connection between my Kinetic rock and roll smart control trainer and my Mac via Bluetooth.
I’m aware of the ant+ support, however my trainer doesn’t support it.
After calling around to several bike shops and speaking w the Kinetic staff, I’ve managed to better the connection, however it’s not perfect. One way to resolve this issue is by using the USB port in on my smart trainer. Zwift however, doesn’t support usb.
This is the best feedback I can give right now. Please write the code to support USB. The connection would make 1000s of zwifters happy!

I understand that chordless is the “modern” way, but by supporting USB, you will attract more users and provide more precise data feedback for those of us that really keep track of our workouts.

Thank you and happy holidays!

The trainer manufacturers would first have to create trainers that have this option, then I’m sure Zwift would support it. The support direct USB connection for a Computrainer, so it would not be a stretch to think they wouldn’t do it for others.

there is a long thread about this on DC Rainmaker’s site:

i haven’t read all the comments, but it’s people talking about things they are doing to make their kinetic trainer work better. maybe there is something in there that will help?

Thanks, I’ll check it out.