can you use Zwift without ANT & dongle

(Lisa Laidley) #1

(Mark Hewitt) #2

Yes if you have a Mac or a smartphone.

(Lisa Laidley) #3

ok thx, i have both, but how does my Zwift rider start riding ?



After last updating 1.0.14586 it works perfectly with Mac Book Retina via bluetooth. All sensors of trainer could be found. You don’t need to use usb ANT+ anymore.

(Lisa Laidley) #5

thanks so much, and how to set this up is available through the Zwift  webpage?


When you open Zwift App on your Mac wait for updating it will be done automatically after that choose your available bluetooth sensors in blocks and Ride on! ;)

(sharon newell) #7

I have a Sony Xperia Z1 Will the Zwift work on that,rather than buying a Ant Dongle ???

Thanks in advance,

(Giai Pham) #8

Can I use Zwift with my Kinetic Road Machine Smart Trainer with inRide sensor? Thanks.