How does Kinetic inRide work with Zwift?

I have a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine which I plan to use with Zwift. My bike is equipped with an ANT+ cadence/speed sensor. I also have an ANT+ HR monitor. I ordered an ANT+ dongle to get things hooked up and rolling up the virtual road.

I was considering getting the inRide power meter to add to my trainer. I see that the inRide is listed as a smart trainer option on Zwift but I’m not sure how it works. My understanding is that inRide is Bluetooth Smart only and uses Apple only (why is beyond me). So anyways, I have an iPod Touch 5 which _should _work with the inRide but it doesn’t have ANT+. My phone is a Galaxy S5 which does have ANT+ and BT Smart but Kinetic says that inRide is Apple compatible only at this time. Or maybe just that there’s only an app available for Apple only at this moment. Anyways…

So my sensors won’t communicate with the iPod and the inRide won’t connect to my phone (maybe) or the computer dongle, unless I’m missing something. 

So how will Zwift connect with this setup?

I would like to know this as well. Right now I use TrainerRoad on my PC and an extra ANT+ dongle to re-transmit the power output from TR to Zwift and that works…Zwift looks at the re-transmitted power like a power meter.

Where did you see ANY mention of InRide support…I don’t see it?


One thing that may solve the issue for me would be if the new InRide Android solution re-transmits the power via ANT+ like the PC app does but I seriously doubt they will provide this functionality. The Android should be released in Beta very soon…hopefully by the end of October

If you go to the “Check My  Gear” section, under the tab for smart trainers they have InRide listed. 

Inride is listed but not supported yet, anyone know when it will be supported?

I hope before Xmas!

+1 , anyone know when it will be supported?


Hey all, if you can, it’s ready to give it a try.  You’ll need the Zwift Mobile Link app for your phone as it acts as our bluetooth receiver for the game.  

Then follow the simple directions here to enable the BLE beta code and you can hopefully go for a ride with the inRide sensor.  

^that’s very promising but is that Beta only for IOS?  I can’t see the option for ‘sensors’ to enable BLE in the Android App? 

Brad, unfortunately it is, however our Android version is almost ready for release.   We’ve been riding on bluetooth over android here at Zwift HQ to test it before we put it up on the Play store.  Sorry about that, it’ll probably be at least another week.  inRide support over Android is actually something we’re working on today.

@Jon I’ve been trying to use the iOS app and Kurt Inride, but I’m having some issues. It seems like there are connectivity issues, beceause my inride will connect for a few minutes, then disconnect, and then sometimes reconnect. Any idea what could be causing this? Could it be spoty wifi or bluetooth related? I’m using a Macbook 2015 and a iPhone 6. 

@Jon Mayfield… thanks, that’s really great news. Will keep an eye out for updates to App. Assume that will be pushed to Google Play same as any other App? Or will it be Beta download here somewhere?

I noticed that the Kinetic InRide bluetooth function quick working after update issued on 21 December 2015. I have an IPhone 5S connected to Surface Windows Tablet.


Hopefully someone can explain as I appear to be missing something here.  I have the Kinetic Rock n Roll trainer and I struggling to see any benefit from the Inride sensor and Zwift? I have the Garmin sensors and HR strap and everything works fine. So what will the Inride sensor give me extra. Oh, l don’t have a i-phone, I have a Samsung S5.

Any news on bluetooth support on Android?  Would like to benefit from InRide support :slight_smile:

So thank you ZWIFT Team BLE support now working with latest Android App [beta] update.

For InRide users.  This is how setup worked for me:

  1. make sure bluetooth enabled [obviously]

  2. open Kinetic InRide App [beta]

  3. Go into Sensors and pair just for power

  4. Start a workout, warm up [optional but recommended]

  5. Do the roll down claibration

  6. In Zwift open to the point where pairing screen is present

  7. Make sure you have ZWIFT app open and on same network as PC/MAC

  8. Search for Power Meter and InRide should be selectable

et voilla you have reliable [accurate] power = in my experience lots more watts than zPower :slight_smile:

I was using and InRide with the Android MobileLink and and MacBook Pro for the main app and had NOTHING but crashes… every 5 km on some rides. I was unable to complete even an hour without crashing with that configuration.

Last week I began stealing my sons iPod touch 5th Gen for the MobileLink part of the config and things have settled considerably. I still get crashes, just not as often. I advise NOT using an android MobileLink app with a Mac OS Zwift app. 


As an aside, I suspect the crashes are mostly due to the graphics ability of my MBP; yesterday a large group of riders approached me from the other direction on Watopia and the app crashed immediately - and crashed hard - I lost the last 3 or 4 km of my ride to boot. I’m going to try using an ethernet connection for the laptop to rule out network connectivity as a cause of instability.

In the end though, if the devs can’t make the app stable on non-gaming-rig computers, Zwift will never go beyond niche adoption.

And that would be a shame.

I LOVE riding in Zwift, but I HATE how unstable it is for me.

For me, if the experience doesn’t become significantly more stable and user friendly (interface-wise) I cannot justify extending my use of Zwift beyond the 2 months free I got as a Strava premium user.

Question: So I bought the Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart trainer for my wife, and I have the mobile app on an iPhone 6+ (bluetooth enabled) and the Kinetic app shows that the trainer is connected. Open Zwift on the iPhone first, set BLE to on in Sensors, open the program on the MacBook, and I see inRide on my Power choice, select it, and ride. And everything shows up in the windows, and it all looks good. But as soon as I hit a climb, nothing changes on the back, i.e. the tension does not increase from the Kinetic to the back wheel. I also have a CompuTrainer, and the tension increases and releases per the grade perfectly. Shouldn’t it do the same with the Kinetic? I think I’ve set everything up properly.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi Craig, I don’t believe the kinetic rock and roll smart trainer changes the resistance, only transmits power data.

That’s 100% correct… you can add a little extra realism with the pro flywheel. By realism I mean it’s damned hard.