Garmin cadence sensor problem on iPad


I’m running Zwift (iPad version) using a Wahoo Kickr but Zwift can’t pick up any signal from my Garmin cadence sensor. However, I have no problems running Zwift on my Macbook Pro and all sensors show up fine.

Do you know what’s causing the candence show to not show up on iPad?

The Garmin is Ant+ only. Are you using the Wahoo Ant+ key in the iPad?

Yes, my Garmin Ant+ key is connected to a USB cable into a lightning to USB adaptor. Other than the USB adaptor, it’s the same set up I use for my Macbook Pro.

I believe Zwift only supports the Wahoo Ant+ Key for now: 

  • IOS: Wahoo ANT+ dongle support for Power Meters, Cadence, Speed, and Heart Rate. Zwift will not control controllable trainers over ANT+ in this release.

Paul is correct. You either have to use the Wahoo ANT+ dongle + lightning to 30 pin adapter or the Viiiva HRM as a bridge. No other setups are compatible yet. 

Thanks for the replies! I’ll continue using Zwift on my laptop. 

@Jason K.

Hi Jason, is there an ETA for Zwift to support Garmin ANT+ devices like the 920XT (speed, cadence and HRM sensors)? Thanks.

Christopher Thomas,

Not sure what you are asking, the 920xt is a multi-function watch and it will not allow you to bridge the connection.

Zwift does support garmin S/C and HRM as long as you use an Ant+ dongle, Ant+ Wahoo Key or a 4iiii Viiiiva HRM to bridge the signal.