Cadence Reading

 New to Zwift…only did 2 ides so far. I would like to see cadence in real time as I ride. Average & Max shows up after when I upload to Strava. I have a Garmin sensor on my bike, but Zwift did not pair. I did not ride with my Garmin Edge as I wanted to evaluate the Zwift technology/options. 

Shouldn’t the Garmin pair via bluetooth just like the smart trainer? How can I see cadence in real time?

Garmin is ANT+ only, so to pair over Bluetooth you would need something like CABLE to bridge the signal.

Are you using a Mac, iOS or AppleTV to use Zwift?

These 2 rides were on my Ipad. I can also use my IPhone if easier. I forgot about Garmin being Ant+. So if I purchase the ant+to BLE connector I should be good to go. Does the pairing process remain the same?

Yes, the pairing process will be the same. Many people on Zwift are using CABLE to bridge ANT+ to iPad, iPhone and AppleTV.