Pairing - Zwift to Garmin Speed/Cadence

 I’m a complete newbie to this game.  My assumption was, I could pair my Garmin speed/cadence to Zwift (macbook), via bluetooth and everything would work.  I’m in the trial stage - and I’m not having much success or fun yet!  

Can someone point me in the right direction?  


i am also a complete newbie to zwift but with a slightly different issue to yours. as far as i know, garmin speed/cadence uses the ant+ protocol and not blue tooth. there are dual ones out there such as wahoo but obviously that means more money!

Garmin Speed/cadence is only ant+. I bought a cheap Ant+ adaptor off Amazon for £10. plug that in my macbook and all works perfectly

aah yes, that would be the anself… mine arrived today. hopefully will get it up and running later!