Zwift Not Pairing

Hi, I can’t make it work, maybe because my setup is incomplete. Can you please assist?

Mac Book Pro (Early 2011) w/bluetooth.
Garmin Cadence / Speed sensors.
Garmin Forerrunner 235.

My sensors connect and work fine with my watch, but for any reason, once I run Zwift it keep searching.

You will need an ANT+ dongle and install it in your Mac so your Garmin sensors can connect to Zwift. Your watch cannot be used to bridge the ANT+ to Zwift. Just an FYI all Garmin sensors are ANT+ only.

Thanks for your kind reply.

I’ve got the same issue with the apple tv and my wahoo kickr, anybody got any ideas, the free ride it synced perfectly now I’ve become a member I’m paying for something  i can’t use. really frustrating 


Need more info to better assist you. 

Just a reminder the Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time so make sure the Kickr is not connected to any other device or app before opening Zwift.