Mac and KICKR

(Bart Schat) #1

Yesterday i had my first run using my macbook pro, Garmin heart rate sensor, KICKR and Blue SC cadence sensor. Everything gets detected but the KICKR doesn’t seem to be getting in sim(?) mode. It feels stuck in constant gradient mode. I’ve ridden 5 laps with constant power output and cadence and i didn’t feel any difference going up or down hill. Zwift only shows the speed dropping or increasing.

Furthermore the usual feedback: great idea, app exits when saving, menus seem to be lacking, exec window show, integration with trainload would be great, config menu online online not in the app

(Tim Corso) #2

While in Zwift, connect to the Kickr with the Wahoo fitness app. From the app set the Kickr in Sim(ulation) mode. It will work fine after that.

(Austin Walker) #3

I had the same problem yesterday. Where in the fitness app do you set the Kickr to sim? I’m having trouble finding that.

(Tim Corso) #4

I don’t have the app with me at the moment, but just start a workout and the swipe to the third or fourth screen at the top you will see four modes resist, erg, XXX and SIM

Good luck

(Austin Walker) #5

Thanks I was looking everywhere except going into the workout.

(Adam Pishl) #6

I have a Macbook Air and I am searching for the KICKR and it is not finding anything… What am I missing here.  

(Tim Corso) #7

Adam, do you have an ANT+ dongle plugged in? Do you have a dongle that works - I have two. One is an older Garmin, the other is newer. The older one does not work.

(Adam Pishl) #8

I do not.  I was under the impression that I would be able to connect the mac to the KICKR via blue tooth.  Any recommendations on a dongle.  I do not have any Garmin equipment.  Everything I have is Wahoo.  Thanks for your help!


(Bart Schat) #9

Bluetooth works if your Mac is recent and carries the Bluetooth 4.0 aka BT LE