HR and Cadence from Garmin via BT

 Garmin’s live track feature allows people to follow me from their computers while I am out riding, they can even see my HR and Cadence data. So my Garmin can broadcast this info via Bluetooth. Would it be possible in Zwift for the HR and Cadence data to be pulled off of my Garmin Edge 520 via bluetooth rather than via ANT+? It seems like a less expensive option as most PCs or Phones already have Bluetooth. ANT+ dongles go for between 30-50 USD (or 3-5 months of Zwift). Thank you.

You can connect BLE by bridging from your phone using the Zwift app (Android or IOS) or you can use it directly to a computer if it is a Mac.

The Edge 520 is a bike computer so it won’t pull the HR and cadence from it directly, but it will pull it from BLE from HR and cadence sensors.

No. And in general bike computers don’t play any part in the Zwift experience. But certainly the Garmin 520 won’t act as a ANT+/BTLE bridge - even though it has the hardware which would allow it to do so.

Your options are

* Buy an ANT+ dongle; £20

* Get a 4iiii Viiiiva ANT+ HR bridge (stupid name)

* Get bluetooth enabled speed / cadence / HR sensors such as those sold by Wahoo Fitness.


How “live” is garmin trackin?  I imagine there is a delay in the data getting from your phone to their server.  There would then be a delay in Zwift getting the data from their server. There would then be a delay in this data being displayed to screen.  This sounds like a flawed option to me.


It would be neat if the the Garmin GPS’s with smart bluetooth could act as a bridge and maybe it will happen one day.  I see many post about how to do this, but is it really needed?  A smart trainer will track speed, distance, and power.  Why not just let the Garmin record the ride as normal, and let the smart trainer use speed, power, and distance for the zwift ride?  For ios.