Blue Tooth Connection Directly To Garmin 520

I suggest you allow users to pair directly to the Garmin 520. Take the data collected there and display it in Zwift app.  Pairing to a variety of sensors seems like a waste of time when it is already available in the 520.

i have been trying since November to pair my Garmin ANT sensors to my iPad Pro and iPhone 6 without any luck.  So far I have ridden 0 miles on zwift rhis winter.

Please consider making it easier to connect.  Note I will not be buying a fancy new trainer as the I have works just fine.  In any case I have invested over $2000.00 on studded tires and wheels for my various bikes. Riding outside is always more fun than zwift.

The 520 cannot act as a bridge for Zwift, it only receives ANT+ signals.

Garmin is ANT+ only, so you would need to use a lightning to 30 pin adapter with the Wahoo ANT+ key to get it to work on your iPad or iPhone.

On the tire issue, there are plenty of indoor trainer specific tires that will last 1000’s of miles without issue. If what you are saying is true about spending $2000 on new tires you could have purchase a top of the line trainer (with $$$ to spare, a couple new bikes or a duel band power meter to make connecting to Zwift easier. 

Wow $2000.


Paul is correct the Garmin does not send data it only receive data. 


You can get a Wahoo HR strap that will act as a bridge between your ANT+ sensors and Bluetooth phone. I think it is this one.

See this article from DC Rainmaker: