Android's Zwift Companion App captures HRM (ANT+) and sends to Computer/Ipad

When you have an ANT+ enabled phone like Galaxy S8 that can capture your ANT+ signal from your HRM and then Zwift Companion on this same phone reads your BPM’s and send it to your Computer/Ipad that’s actually running your Zwift ride.

This way you never need to buy ANT+ dongles etc.

I am considering getting the Apple TV 4K, but I have Ant+ Garmin HRM. All my searches on this topic have indicated that the Samsung Galaxy phone with built-in ANT+ cannot be made to work as a bridge for Ant+ to Bluetooth with Zwift Companion.

Can you confirm that this setup is still working.

Exactly Binh Le. But I think it’s temporary until someone figures out how to make this bridge work. The app(“ANT+ to BLE Heart Rate”) for android phone is still bugging.

It’s a already known issue and is also on GitHub for people try to help.