Garmin ANT+ HRM on ZML

I’ve read through some posts stating that ANT+ HRM’s don’t work with the ZML.  I’m just curious as to why the limitations?  Strava is able to see my ANT+ HRM on my android phone.  Is there possibly something in the works? 

Just purchased an Apple TV 4K and would hate to have to purchase another HRM just for Zwift. 

I think it might be because when BLE was first being beta tested a little over 2 years ago the ZML was used to bridge that link. At that time there was really no one asking for the ZML to bridge ANT+, everyone just used a dongle. Also, ANT+ is not available directly on iOS devices, a 3rd party device is needed (like the Wahoo ANT+ key). 

Maybe when Zwift starts beta testing the Android app they will make ANT+ available on those devices.

Same for me, I have 3 devices that I need to connect to Apple TV and 2 of those are Ant+. ZML shoul really be able to bridge Ant+ devices for android users.