4iii Viiiiva no longer recognised on iphone v1.0.18494

Hi guys,

Since updating Zwift on my iPhone 6 running iOS 10.3.2 to the latest v1.0.18494 on 13 June my 4iii viiiiva heart rate monitor is no longer recognised in the device connect screen.

It is functional and visible from the 4iii app.

I have tried all of the usual workarounds - resetting bluetooth, restarting phone, powering down the HRM - Zwift continues to display “Searching…” and I have to give up.

I’d be grateful if you guys could look into this.

Many thanks,

Did you make sure that it is not connected to the 4iiii app on your phone?

Yes, I have also done that with no change in fortune.

Hi Chris,

We just tried with ours in the office - pairing it with an iPad and an iPhone 6. Unfortunately, we ran into no issues and were able to use it successfully.

Have you tried replacing or reseating the battery in the Viiiiva?