Viiiivia Heart Rate Monitor Zwift Android

_ Device Specifications: _

_ Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S8 _

_ Android Version: 8.0.0 _

_ Carrier: T-Mobile _

_ Broadband: Cox Communications _

_ Zwift Version: v 10 - 1.0.27916 Pro _


This is more then likely a known issue but I am having trouble connecting my Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor to the new Zwift Android Mobile Application. It currently works on my iPad but when I disable the Bluetooth (being Bluetooth only works with one device at a time) I then attempt to use it with my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and it never picks up the device. That is currently how I am bridging my Garmin Cadence & Speed Sensors to run with Zwift aswell… Any suggestion or is this currently being addressed with the developers?


Oh and yes the Heart Rate Monitor Application picks up the data on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ so I know the phone is working with it just having a problem connecting with Zwift.

Zwift for Android is still having trouble connecting to some devices. We’ll investigate the Viiiiva Heart Rate monitor’s success rate with the Beta along with over devices. I’ll update everyone once we receive new information on applicable peripherals. :) 

Hi Vicent Im having the same issue with my Viiiva HR and my Galaxy S9+. Zwift for android does not recognize the device. It doesn’t even show up as a device I can use. This is does not allow me to use zwift adequately, I use the wahoo kikr 2018 and like all wahoo units it does not transmit cadence. So I have to use the Viiiva as a bridge given that my phone only allows two simultaneous bluetooth connections, this works great on apple tv. The tikr x works just fine, but then I have to choose when training whats more important HR or cadence. Thanks for the great work you guys are doing. Im using the following phone:

Model: Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F)

Android Version: 8.0.0

Samsung Experience Version: 9.0

Any status update on the progress of troubleshooting this issue? Thanks Zwift!!

Are you using ANT + to try and connect the Heart Rate monitor?

Android Beta doesnt allow you to connect via ANT+ atleast mine doesnt give me that option, I only see the Bluetooth icon in the top right hand corner and it doesnt pick up the Viiiva although my iPad works very well same with my PC

Right, ANT + is not officially supported. The Viiiivia Heart rate monitor not being able to pair is a known issue by our QA team and is being investigated. I’ll update everyone if there are any changes, thanks for writing in!

So I’ve noticed during the last update for Zwift (October 17th) it says “HRM Straps now work with running” still unable to use the Viiiiva HRM strap Zwift for Android was this supposed to be fixed with this version or not yet?

I’m able to connect the Viiiia HRM on Zwift for Android on my Galaxy S7. I use it to bridge ANT+ Garmin speed/cadence sensors to BLE.

It does seem a bit finicky and sometimes I have to unlink the sensors and relink them right after starting the ride.

I’ve also had issues with the ANT+ to BLE bridge intermittently disconnecting which I solved by turning off some other WiFi/BLE devices nearby (presumably too noisy on the 2.4GHz band).

I have finally got this feature to work, thanks for your input and update!