Viiiva Heart Rate Monitor

So I suspect with this new update it has affected something with my Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor & Garmin Footpod. The Garmin Footpod now doesn’t detect any steps within the Zwift application. It does work through other applications such as the Viiiiva Configuration application. Here is the weird part sometimes my heart rate monitor will show up in Zwift then others times it won’t. I don’t have this issue with outside of Zwift, I did at first think it was my Footpod battery so I went ahead and replaced this. I also Uninstalled and reinstalled my Zwift Application. I have the latest firmware throughout all my devices I made sure they were updated.

Best to email support and tell them about this issue. The latest update specifically mentions fixing Bluetooth bug for multi-function HRM but I think they broke something else.

I have a PowerCal (multi-function HRM and power meter simulator) and also have trouble with the latest Android version. It works on other platforms, and reverting to an older version of Zwift Android also works.

PowerCal users here with same issue. Which version did you revert to and how?

So, I recieved an email from Zwift support which is as follows.

Hi Ryan,

This is a follow up email to help you sort this out. The issue you’ve been experiencing is a new known issue we’ve been working on a fix for. We’ve got the fix in place to be sent out in our next update.

Just keep an eye out for the next update.

If in the meantime you have any more questions or concerns, just let us know.

Ride On

Aaron K
Member Experience Agent

This was sent to me on May 2nd by the Tier 3 Support Agents. Haven’t reverted because I haven’t found out how. I am still down as of today waiting on this update that is supposed to be coming out at an unknown date.

I reverted back to the previous (working) version by sideloading the APK/OBB files manually. But I think a new version is coming real soon now since Play Store already shows a new version number and iOS version was just updated.

The newly released version didn’t solve the issues for me. Anyone else? Finding earlier .apk files is no problem, but I can’t find the corresponding .obb file online for download.

The new update didn’t fix my issue either. I am still unable to connect my Viiiiva Heart Monitor and my Garmin Footpod to Zwift. I am emailing this again to let them know I’ll post the reply once I receive it.

Didn’t work for me either. I found the old OBB in this reddit thread. I think you won’t get the new courses if you revert.

I’ve mailed support about the problem not being fixed too.

So here is the reply that I recieved from Zwift yesterday actually.

Hi Ryan,

I’m sorry your HRM and Footpod still aren’t connecting after all this time.

There was a previously known concern with connectivity of the Viiiia and Zwift for Android, but in looking into it, the fix went out in our last update. However, I just noticed you’re running an older version. Please visit the Google Play Store and update when you have the chance.

I would like to try one more thing. We have had reports that pairing Garmin devices through the Viiiiva ANT+ Bluetooth bridge to an Android can be a little finicky. Please check your Android Bluetooth Settings to make sure that none of your equipment is paired directly to your Android. If it is, please unpair it.

To pair your Viiiiva in Zwift​, you’ll want to first launch the Viiiiva support app, connect the HRM, then connect your Garmin Footpod to the official Viiiiva app. Once connected, exit the Viiiiva app and ensure it’s no longer running before opening Zwift.

If you have Zwift running from any other devices, please make sure you’re not logged into other copies of it. Keep in mind it’s best to disable Bluetooth on secondary devices running Zwift to prevent them from auto-connecting to your equipment.

If your Viiiiva and Garmin still refuse to pair in Zwift at that point, please exit Zwift completely and do a scan from your Android’s Bluetooth Settings. You won’t want to fully pair the devices, but if they display as available in the area on a search and Zwift still isn’t connecting with them, please let us know.


David K.
Operations Lead

I’ll be trying the following steps today to see if I can fix the issue. My Garmin obviously doesn’t pair to my android directly as it doesn’t have bluetooth hence why I am using the bridge so I’ll unlink everything and just reconnect it all then try Zwift and see if it works.

I mailed support earlier today and got this:

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with your PowerCal readings in Zwift. We’ve identified an issue with Power/HRM combos after the newest Zwift update. I’ve checked with our team and they’re working on a fix. This fix will come from our end and all you should have to do is keep your Zwift app up to date! As of right now, the only workaround available is to pair your PowerCal as a HRM and not as a Power Source on your Android. Also, you can always use one of the devices that is working for you until we get this resolved!

Yeah, I bought an iPad so it’s no longer an issue for me… but it would be nice to see the Android version fixed.