Zwift Android Beta Issues *Updated 07/06/18*

(Ryan Trombley *u5) #1

This is a list i’ll be working on as I go through more of the features on Zwift Android Mobile and i’ll be posting anything that I come across that seems be an issue.


_ Device Specifications: _

_ Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S8 _

_ Android Version: 8.0.0 _

_ Carrier: T-Mobile _

_ Broadband: Cox Communications _

_ Zwift Version: v 9 - 1.0.27632 Pro _

 Updated Issue - 07/05/18

Unable to give “Kudos” by click the Thumbs Up icon

 Updated Issue - 07/05/18

Had an issue when I exited out of the application then I restarted the game it went as far as the splash screen then would exit back to my home screen. The fix I had to go into the Application Settings on the phone and clear the data & cache then it was able to reload all the info and load fine. Its been fine ever since and has only occurred once so far

Updated Issue - 07/06/18

I have recently attempted to connect my Viiiva Heart Rate monitor to my phone to be able to establish a connection between my Garmin Speed & Cadence Sensors. I did test this on my iPad which was working flawlessly before I then tested it on my Android Phone it is unable to find my Viiiia Heart Rate Monitor it doesn’t find it while going into the  “Speed Sensor / Tap To Pair” or “Heart Rate / Tap To Pair” the Viiiiva doesn’t even show up at all on the lists now here is what I’ve tried.

  1. Restart Phone
  2. Unpair HRM / Repair HRM
  3. Disabled Bluetooth On Other Devices To Prevent Interruption

It does find the Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor inside the Viiiiva App, and it does register my Heart Rate, Speed and Cadence Sensors but when I switch over to Zwift it doesn’t pick anything up at all so I am unable to use the Android Version at this time.

I also do realize I have to close the Viiiiva App before being able to use the Heart Rate Monitor on other apps as Bluetooth has limitations on what it is able to connect to and how many at one time.  

Any suggestions??

(6ft8incyclist .) #2

I have a note 8 Sprint, and I have the same problem …

(Andreas Silverracer13) #3

Hi Zwift Team,

Really great to be able to have Zwift on Android.
I got following set up.
Nexus 9
Android 7.0.1
Geonaut Bluetooth smart and any+ heart rate strip.

Seems to work fine on Nexus 9.
I also can find my Heatrate strip with Zwift setup but unfortunately don’t get any data to the app. After a while disappears connection totally. Battery is 100% and device has been restarted several times. Seems to be a bug. Tried with other applications and data will show.

What to do?

(Johan SANDGREN) #4

I wanna beta test for android as well on my s7.
Who do I contact?


(Henk de Beer) #5

Go to the Play store, find Zwift and see if it allows you to install it. Some people get a message about the beta program being full; in that case I guess it is wait and see when more slots become available.

(Tony Paez ZHR (D)) #6

On the latest Android update I have seem a significant improvement pairing power, cadence and HR monitors via bluetooth.
The problem that persists and has gotten much worse is the app freezing. I appreciate that you track the progress before the freeze to allow me to continue when I relaunch the app, however, does little good if it occurred during and event/race. This is the most frustrating part of the application. It hinders the convenience and motivation of just being able to pop over to my gym and use a Stages SC3, for example. I can tell you that the one constant throughout all the updates since I started using the app last fall is that the drop typically occurs at ~ 4 miles of riding. If on rare occasion I make it past 4 miles the rest of the ride will be fine. It appears there is some action the app is taking that disrupts the system. The freeze requires me to restart my Lenovo Yoga Tablet Pro 3 every time…