Zwift doesn't pair with any devices


I’ve a problem:
My zwift app doesn’t pair to any devices.
My Galaxy S10+ as well as my Galaxy Tab A7 are able to find and pair with my heartrate sensor and my bike (ICG IC8).
But the zwift app doesn’t find any of these.
When I try another heartrate sensor (ANT+instead of BT) zwift also doesn’t find it, even if I delete the sensors and bike from both, the Phone and Tablet, and reinstall them and the app.
Other apps, like polarflow or the ICG Training App don’t have issues finding and pairing the heartrate sensors and bike.
So, any ideas what else I can do?

Hi Sebastian i just fix it for my android see topic “Can’t Connection via Android” or my topic "Treadmill Tecnofit 5.40 not found by Zwift ".

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Have you changed the location settings to only when using the app rather than always?

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My savior!

I thank you so much!

Hi Sebastian.

I’m happy this has worked for you.