Tacx Flow T2240 Smart Turbo Trainer

Hi all


I have recently purchased a tacx flow and looking to use zwift on my iphone.

Will this work ok via bluetooth or do I need my Garmin speed sensor connected via ant+ in order for zwift to work?

I will be upgrading my laptop in a couple of months and will connect to the turbo, cadence & speed sensor via ant+ dongle so should be fine but unsure on the iphone.

The Taxc Flow is duel band (both ANT+ and Bluetooth) so you shouldn’t have an issue connecting it to Zwift running on an iPhone. To connect the Garmin S/C sensor to an iPhone you would need something like CABLE to bridge the ANT+ connection.

Make sure that the trainer is not connected to any other device or app (including the Tacx app) before opening Zwift, Bluetooth only allows one connection to any device or app at a time.


Thanks for the reply, would zwift still work on the trainer without the speed or cadence sensor connected?

Zwift does not need a S/C sensor to estimate in-game speed if your trainer broadcasts power/watts as the Tacx Flow 2240 does.

Brilliant thanks for your help.


Are there any other products that convert ant+ to ble other than the CABLE?

There is the Wahoo Key (you would also need a Lightning to 30 Pin adapter), but the latest iOS updates have made it very unrealiable, and there is the 4iiii Viiiiva which is a HRM and can also bridge ANT+ to BLE. 

It worked fine for me other than the constant punctures from the heat!!  I have a Neo now after I got hooked!