Tacx Flow Ergtrainer Setup with Zwift (Non-smart version)

I have the older version of the Tacx flow ergtrainer before it became the smart version (its yellow and white). Is this compatible with Zwift. I used zwift today but it wasn’t picking up the correct wattage it was 60W lower than what the tacx display was reading. I have a garmin speed and cadence sensor along with the garmin ant dongle to connect to my PC. I had calibrated my Tacx trainer before starting.

Is there anyway to make this work or do I need another trainer ?


Hello Ian
I also have the older version of tacx flow and I cannot even pair this with swift. I have a garmin 920xt with all the speed and cadence sensors set up on the bike but cannot make it work. Any ideas if I need to change the tacx flow ?

Many thanks

Hi @Dario_Giancristofano

Garmin sensors is usually ANT+ only (except the new ones) what are you trying to pair it to?

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Hello Gerrie thanks to get back to me. I’m just trying to make Zwift works with the trainer I have which is the Tacx Flow old version not the Smart. The bicycle is set up to use the garmin 920xt and all the sensors and also the computer that comes with the trainer are all working ok but there is no connection/ pairing with the Zwift app because it doesn’t even appear on the screens. I tried my iPhone and the Mac book pro. Any suggestions?

I phone and mac is Bluetooth, if your sensors is not bluetooth then you need a ANT dongle for the mac or bluetooth sensors for the Telephone.

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