Garmin Heart Rate Strap pairing something, then "No Signal" from Zwift

(Dave Hsu ZHR(E)) #1

Garmin Heart Rate Strap pairs somethings with Zwift, then “No Signal” from Zwift. I’m on a dumb trainer. Power is connected through my Garmin Vector 2S. I have a Garmin ANT+ dongle plugged into my MacBook Air.

Sometimes I get both power and HR, but now only power. Also, I have a Garmin Edge 520, my power from my Vector and HR from my Garmin Run strap are paired constantly with my Edge 520

I changed batteries and extended the dongle away from the computer with a power 4-plug USB hub. This was the solution that allowed my Garmin Vector 2S to consistently pair and maintain signal with Zwift.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.