Battery Level Indicator for Heart Rate Monitors

Please have a battery level indicator for Bluetooth Heart Rate monitors, such as Polar H7. At least on paring screen but even better next to the heart rate indicator.
They don’t recharge, so it would be nice to know when to replace the battery, so it doesn’t wear out in the middle of a ride.

Thank you.

This should be a request for the HRM makers. They don’t broadcast the HRM battery status, so Zwift would not be able to pick it up.


I am checking the level of my H7 battery in Polar Beat app or HR Monitor app (both Android, BLE) - that means it is broadcasting!
Would be nice to have it in Zwift.

Edit - voted, but after 2 years of Zwifting and reading this forum I do not believe it happens in this decade…


after 2 years of Zwifting and reading this forum I do not believe it happens in this decade…

You never know, Zwift might just surprise us! - I wouldn’t even want a full blown percentage indicator (so as to not complicate the UI) but since not having a working HRM could mean your out of some races, would be great to at least get some sort of warning/indicator if the HRM battery is below a certain threshold when connecting it, for example. :wink:

Do you know for sure that HRM straps broadcast their battery status?

I’d be surprised if they do.

Yes, I also am able to check the level of my H7 battery in the Polar Beat app or HR Monitor app.Yesterday the HRM battery died just as I was about to start a session. Lucky it died just before and not during.

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Hi Paul,
I did not test all, but I have 2 Polar H7 (BLE only) and a Quadlock (BLE and ANT+). Both H7 show not only battery status, also serial number and firmware version of H7 in the HR monitor app. Quadlock only battery status.

Polar beat shows H7 battery and HR, Quadlock HR only, I think (not sure).

There is another app for ANT+, Quadlock showing there, too. Not sure if battery status.

Can post screenshots, when back from holiday (Sunday), if you want.

Ride on, Milan

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BLE devices are enrolled under a standard definition, according to the service represented they have specific IDs and datafields.

One sensor can manage different services according to their functionality. For example HR data and battery level are going to be under their own service ID defined by the standard, and your devices can have both of them.

So its up to the client that get the data from the sensor to see if the Service ID regarding battery info is available and do something with it.

There’s a free app called NRF Connect that let you dig into your BLE devices info and datafields. Don’t have my Polar H10 HR with me now but I am looking at a cheap ID tag with the app right now, service ID is UUID 180F has the battery info.

So I think that is a feature that can be provided for most sensors. My Garmin FR935 tells me for example when my batteries are low for both Polar Stride and Polar H10 HR sensors.

I believe you. :grinning:

Here is a screenshot from Polar Beat app.

Data captured from my Polar Sensors using NRF Connect. Both of them has the 180F service included providing battery level info, in this case 0x64 = 100%