Polar H10 Heart monitor

Hi peeps, sorry if this has already been discussed, but im being bought a Polar H10 heart monitor for my birthday, so wanted to ask if it would link to my Atom v2 wattbike via Bluetooth. Also can i see the data via the zwift companion app?
Thats in advance for any help.
Chris :+1:

Should be fine. That’s a top quality HRM. If it shows up in Zwift it will show up in Companion.

Of note: download the “Polar Beat” app for smartphone/tablet and use it to update the H10 firmware. You MAY need to use the older “Polar Flow” app if “Beat” doesn’t update - they’re quirky. Also may help to try on a different platform (iOS/iPadOS versus Android)

The settings for the H10 (via the Beat app) will allow you to toggle ANT+, single or dual BLE connections, and the Polar “GymLink” 5kHz radio. I’ve found GymLink can cause issues in some environments.

Regardless: the H10 is top-tier and I use one in my paincave where I want ANT+ data going to my cycle computer and BLE to Zwift.

Brill, thanks Paul.

Hi CJ,

Appreciate your reply. I’m not great wity technology but i do have an android Galaxy S23, which is what i use to link to wattbike to do all my workouts.

Hopefull when i link up via bluetooth the heart monitor will do also at the same time.

Cheers :+1: