ANT + compatibility in the Android app


I have been using Zwift on my Mac with an ANT + adapter to transmit power data to Zwift. Which works brilliantly. However on the Android system, even though the power meter can be connected through other apps and can transmit data. I don’t manage to pair them in the Zwift app. Any ideas ? Or this feature is still not implemented?

ANT+ on android is just for heart rate monitors at the moment - i think other sensor support is coming soon though - need to wait for future updates

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Zwift BETA VERSION on Samsung S10e works with my Tacx Flux S via Ant+

Oh thank you that is very good to know I switch to Beta version as well ants see it works :+1:

how do you switch to the beta version?

I thought i was on the Beta version but i can only pair heart rate monitors over Ant+

Reporting back. I have switched to the Beta version through Google Play and reinstalled the Zwift app just to be on the safe side. But the power sensor still cannot be recognized by Zwift app. :frowning:

Phone can receive ANT+ without problems, I crosschecked with some other apps that can communicate with the power meter.

Running Android version 10 Zwift app version

Isn’t Tacx Flux transmitting through BLE ?

As per the release notes of the update, the ANT+ support in the current version is only for heart rate devices, other devices will be added later.

In the Play Store, scroll down until you see “Join the beta”, and tap join.

i have done this and can only pair heart rate monitors (as per the notes on the app) - as far as i’m aware all other sensors are only bluetooth supported at the moment

Check all the ANT+ components are installed on your android system. You need ANT+ PLUGIN SERVICE and SERVICE ANT+ HAL . They are not necessarely installed by default.
I confirm Tacx Flux s is connected via Ant+, see

That picture just shows that it is connected and that ANT+ and BLE are active, it does not show that the trainer is connect using ANT+.

You should be able to click on the Power or Controllable icon and see how it is connected.

I second Paul_Allen’s reply.

I have all the ANT + services installed and because I can connect my power meter over ANT+ in other apps and only not in Zwift I would say ANT+ services are functioning properly.

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You are right. I disabled bluetooth and it did’nt connect. Sorry about that.

you built my hopes up for a minute then!!

i’m hoping that Ant+ for all sensors will finally allow me to connected a different power meter than my controllable trainer on the android app.

one of my trainers is good for power accuracy but the cadence is way off and another is not accurate for power but the cadence is good! being able to have a trainer paired as controllable and another sensor for power/cadence is a bit of a deal breaker for me using the android app at the moment.

fix this and i’ll be all over it :slight_smile: