HUD Customisation

Well it could be super simple.
Hire some software nerds who work like robots and love what they do.
Create a code which is simple to change, well done logic.
Create an route editor, HUD editor, well make everything customizable. Building, Planning, whatever just watch certain trends in current online games and adventure games …
Work together with the communty.
Use all your money to create an overkill of a sports game. Sport is king. Sport is the future. Just don’t suck at beeing lame to the customers !!! …

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This is unreasonable to assume. Both Eric and Jon have talked about a UI refresh in the works. It has been talked about on the ZwiftCast (Zwiftcast Episode 65 | Zwift Insider) for example.

There’s no word as to when it’s coming, but the HUD is getting worked on.


I’d like to be able to change or hide certain UI elements when I’m riding. For example, there are some times when i’m riding and I don’t care about timed segments on a course. So it’s really annoying and immersion breaking to see my ranking on segment on the left side that I don’t really care about doing and I’m not trying to compete in. I don’t care to see to see where I am in that ranking in real time pop up in the middle of the screen either. I also don’t care to see who’s around me either on that bar on the right side and if I don’t care to see who’s around me i really could care less about closing the gap either.

Seriously, you want this to be an immersive virtual reality option for indoor cycling and yet you have all these UI elements pop up or slide in to place that break that immersion and take me out of the worldspace and just irritate and piss me off instead and bring me back to where I actually am and at that point i want to stop and not use zwift. It’s called information overload and in some games developers try to minimize that so it doesn’t get in the way of the actual game.

I get it though, some people want that, but you know what some people don’t want that as well. Again, maybe have an option to allow users to customize those UI elements on the screen to allow them to see what they want to come up on the UI.


Hi @John_Emanuel

Check this out. Run Zwift with minimal distractions using this simple hack | Zwift Insider

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You updated the Richmond course with newer and better visuals, that’s awesome! I’m from Richmond and recently moved away so it’s great to be able to ride that course and see how it more closely resembles the actual city and how you put in real life landmarks and buildings. You know though what’s not awesome and really takes me out of the moment and has me screaming at the screen and I debate on stopping and closing out of Zwift? Your UI.

I’m riding and a list slides in from the left showing me my ranking on a timed segment that I don’t care about and I’m not trying to compete in. Another UI element pops up in the middle showing me my real time standings against the people in that timed segment that I don’t care about and i’m not competing in. And another UI element shows up when there’s another rider in front of me telling me to CLOSE THE GAP… I don’t care and i’m not trying to close the gap and it’s really irritating me to see that message pop up. Then there’s that list of riders on the right of people who are around me. Don’t care. I don’t care who’s around me. I’m just trying to get in a ride.

I get it though for some people, they want that, and maybe i do when i’m feeling competitive. But some times, i’m not and I don’t want to see that on the screen and it takes me out of the moment and out of the gameworld you guys have created. Maybe give people the option to taylor the UI instead of forcing all these popups and UI animations on the screen. Maybe take a look at how android or ios or windows builds their UI and how it doesn’t try to get in the way of people using it. I’m just saying, your UI is getting in the way of the game.


that’s not an adequate. Having to go into an xml file to edit settings is a work-around at best and a nuclear option as it removes ALL Ui elements. Since this is a virtual world and I can’t get a sense of speed and I do train, i would like to know my stats such as heart rate, speed, power, etc… Again, what I’m asking for is in the settings to be able to have an option to customize what is displayed on the screen, not an all or none approach.


What device are you using for Zwift?

I believe on iOS and maybe ATV to can swipe those off the screen.


No, i’m using a laptop with windows 10

Yes, this! I particularly hate that giant ‘real time standings’ popping up in the middle of the screen during a KOM or timed segment that I have no hope of being competive in, especially near the end of a long ride when i’m tired and just hanging on trying to get through it. I’m a quarter of the way up the mountain and Zwift is telling me that someone has already finished the mountain by now, and I’m going to be 2nd, now 3rd, now 4th, now 5th… oh heavens, it’s obvious I’m going to be around 200th! I really don’t need to know just how pathetically far behind the leaders… I’m riding my own ride, and I’d just prefer to turn that off.


Android too.

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Hi Zwift,

I am really enjoying the “game” and all the features that you have, but one thing that’s missing is a way to customize the GUI (graphic user interface)…ie all the info on your screen. The world is so beautiful, but the game feedback tends to block it out. Most MMO games allow the user to move elements, resize elements and change the opacification. That would all really help.

Also, since I ride with the Zwift Companion on my phone, how about a option to have the ride info on my phone and leave the screen space for the world…you know, like IRL. :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering,



one option I would like is to be able to display average watts/kg or average watts on the screen somewhere for the ride. This would be handy for rides that state average watts in a range or if you are training in a range. The data is available in menu screen, so not like you need to do much other than add it to the hud


Hi Folks, particularly @Wes and the UI design team.

As we are able to fully remove the HUD with a simple prefs hack, could we request that this is added an an option to events?

With the complete death of IRL racing due to the coronavirus, we at 3R were looking to put on a RAW racing series which essentially emulates the visuals of real racing - no HUD and first person perspective riding only so that the rider has to ride by feel and watching the other riders, not the metrics or the rider list.

I did ask Charlie if this was possible and he replied that it is not but as it is such an easy thing to hack, can it at least be considered as a way to really take the virtual racing experience as close as we can to IRL as possible and create a whole new type of Zwift racing?

We would love to even give it a go if we could?


You’d still be able to see it in the Companion. And if removed from there, you’re giving a probable advantage to anyone who can use a separate head unit to see their power etc., no?

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I’m impressed at those who can look at their ZC or head unit while racing on Zwift!! And does anyone genuinely use their power figures as a guide to what they do in a race? From my experience, it is the dynamics of the pack as well as how I feel that dictates how hard I work. If I wanted to use power as the determiner, I would do a structured workout instead or an iTT.

Even with ZC, and the head unit, it is often the rider list which is used to spot the attacks before they happen in the pack, the flash of orange numbers usually gives the game away - remove that and you have to go by what you see in the pack. Lock that camera angle to first person perspective (camera 3 on PC) and you make that even more difficult!

Why not give it a go in a random race and see how it feels?
It really is a different experience in my eyes (and legs) :slight_smile:

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When the Companion / head unit is mounted on the handlebars, it’s pretty simple to look at them.

And yes, I watch my power numbers a lot. OK, so I’m a barely B so it’s not like I’m anywhere near a decent racer. But power and heart rate are important to me, and I gauge a lot of my effort using them as the basis.

Maybe things are very different up in the As. =)

I agree that watching Riders Nearby is also important, and I do that too. Mostly when sprinting for 50th place. :wink: Being able to see people around you (camera 1, 2 and reverse) does make a difference too, so yeah I can see that you’re trying to remove more than just knowing your power.

I wouldn’t race anything locked into first person, personally. I never ride that way because I don’t like it. Same with driving games - I always use a behind-the-car view.

Ironically enough, I play a lot of first person shooters, and I dislike Fortnite because it’s not first person. Go figure! :smiley:


Ha, I’m a mediocre B too so I cannot comment how it is to be an A!
Really interested to see that you use your metrics so much, I wonder if that is more prevalent in Zwift racers than I thought?
The idea of locking it to 1st person perspective is to replicate what you can see in real life - I may run a test meetup for those who want to have a go and see what they think of it?

Only if I can use view 1😂. First person is not cool. Maybe if we could see the handlebars it would be better, that is how I play need for speed.


That’s what I was thinking too @Gerrie_Delport - adding the handlebars & hands to that camera angle would be a great addition and make it more ‘lifelike’ IMO.

I suppose the camera view isn’t that important but would be great if we could lock it to one view for everyone so that everyone has exactly the same resources available to them (other than the vast variance in ability of course :joy:)


It might just be because I’m not a meatspace racer. When I’m out on my bike in the outside world, I’m either commuting or riding for recreation. I do the occasional time trial, and for those I use heart rate to gauge my effort. I do this because id I just go my feel, I don’t push as hard. If my HR is only 150, I know I can go harder even if it’s feeling tough.

On the indoor trainer I have power as well, so again I use this to keep myself from slacking off. If it feels hard but I’m only doing 200W, I know there’s a bit more. I use the G graph as well, as I know that yellow means I’m not at the limit yet.

I might feel differently if I’d done a lot of real world racing purely on feel.

As Gerrie says in his post, I think my problem is the floating dissociated view. There’s nothing to “ground” me in the world. In a first-person shooter, I can see the gun model. Being able to see handlebars if first person view on Zwift might help me to embrace it more.