Road profile

(Aljosa Sorsak) #1

Hi, I think, it would be very very nice to see the whole profile of the “stage” you are riding, more clearly and
highlight the gradience before the actual start of the hill or a mountain. Because on a hilly stage, when you go up and down and you basicly cant tell when the climb starts not before you feel the resistence. So, I think it would be great to see the gradience and what hill/mountain you’re aproaching, therefore the
whole stage profile would be very useful too. I imagine it like a shortcut keyboard thing, you press a button and you see a profile of the stage, and exactly where you are placed. For example if you are doing pretzel in watopia there could be a stage profile of it by pressing a key.

(Luke Toms (E)) #2

That’s the good thing about the Kickr Climb you know when you are going up.

(Aljosa Sorsak) #3

i got tacx neo, the simulation of the gradience is good, but the thing is, it would be great to see, When you will hit the climb, the alert maybe that the climb is coming, kind of like on TV.

(Chris Holton) #4

Maybe you could toggle the power graph at the bottom to display past and upcoming gradient?

(Aljosa Sorsak) #5

Im not aware of this. What to do?

V tor., 9. okt. 2018 14:37 je oseba Chris Holton napisala:

(Chris Holton) #6

sorry - I meant that maybe they could add that feature - it isn’t currently available