Steep sections

 I have a hard time telling (and remembering) exactly where the steeper stuff is on a given hill/dip/whatever. It would be nice to have gradient notifications or am I missing something… The graph top right is not enough

Not sure what you’re not seeing, the top right of the screen gives current gradient in real-time and is all you can possibly need.

ever been on unfamiliar road coasting downhill in big ring doing a turn and hit unexpectedly a wall? would be nice to have a warning of what is ahead… Bkool has it on their  program…

just ride more and you’ll be able to recall the each course in your sleep :slight_smile:

Still plenty of outdoor riding in my area 

Just thought would be a nice add on… 

The small profile graph does give a pretty good indication but on the Richmond hills, there are some sudden 12% + gradients that you can’t really see coming.  But if you are paying attention to that, you at least be able tell it’s going to get steep.

For KOM’s, if using a smart trainer i.e.:Kickr that is controlled as per the % of climb versus a regular trainer that isn’t controlled. Would that person not have an advantage of no regulated resistance? other then gearing. 

It shouldn’t matter what kind of trainer you use.  Zwift isn’t using the speed from the trainer, but rather computing the speed given the watts from the trainer.  So when the kickr’s resistance increases, you’ll shift to an easier gear and it will report a slower speed, but Zwift is just looking at the watts.  

This is part of why if you use another app tied directly to the trainer to record the ride, the distance probably won’t match that recorded by Zwift.