steep sections

 I have a hard time telling (and remembering) exactly where the steeper stuff is on a given hill/dip/whatever. It would be nice to have gradient notifications or am I missing something… The graph top right is not enough

Hi Mandelea,

The course map there also tells you the percentage grade you are on - I’m not sure what other info you might want?

Would like see a some kind of notice that steep section ahead , like a warning of some sort so you are not under geared

If there is no warning & you don’t know the course I encountered above 10% while still in big ring mashing & coming to stand still… Hope I am making sense

bkool does it with the little graph and  it tells you what slope will be ahead of you & for how long

Kinomap has a little warning indicator that a steep uphill or downhill section is coming up. It let’s you have a chance to get ready to shift.

If you improve your graphic card, you will see a lot more of the upcoming gradients. I got a nice GTX 950 card now, and there is a huge difference. I can really see the hills now. There is a much better depth of field. I am running Ultra now, and it is silky smooth. When I was running in low, I just used the graph on the upper right, that worked fine.

Once you ride for a while on a course you will learn about the gradients … on the upper right of the screen, the “detail” section will alert you … also the “main” course graphic will let you know where you are and what is coming up.