Gradient color/code on main screen

Not sure how popular this would be but I have a hard time telling (and remembering) exactly where the steeper stuff is on a given hill/dip/whatever. It would be nice to have gradient colors so that if I see, say, red in a sea of yellow then I know there’s a steep little pitch coming up. I was thinking for the “zoom in” topographical map at the top, not necessarily the “entire route” one below it.

I too think that some sort of better indicator would be good. I have to pay attention to the grade% to gauge how much extra effort I need to put in to keep my speed up (using rollers).

I was thinking maybe some sort of artificial horizon (like in a flight sim) that you could toggle on or off?

I would love to see the grade marking closer to main info on the screen as I find myself watching that and not getting to see the scenery or other stats during my rides … I focus on the grade so I know what to do. For smart trainers I guess it doesn’t Make a difference so maybe an option to put it closer to main screen info for those on the “dumb” trainers ?