Steepness heatmap on route while riding

I think it would be great to see a steepness heatmap on your route indicating how hard the upcoming sections are. Eg Flat is green to >14% which would be red and a color gradient in between those grades.

The Tacx RLVs program has color changes for the gradient of the incline. It’s very helpful.

But we have it in game top right.


Ok, good point. I didn’t realize the gradient number changes color as it gets steeper. Thank you

I realize it is displayed on the map but it tells you only the current steepness not what the grade will be on the rest of the displayed road segment. The elevation profile is not helpful.


Is the color for each percentage set permanently? Or will “3%” be represented as white if the gradient will be decreasing or orange or red if gradient is increasing. I thought they were absolute but a friend is telling me they change.

Yes they are absolute.

So 4% is always yellow

I think 1-2 is white
3-6 Yellow
7-8 Orange
10-18 Red

They do change color, I don’t know why though

I checked 320 pictures.
You are correct, I found some yellow and some orange 6%. Wonder if it is World specific.

it also increases in font size as the gradient goes up, here is a good clip to watch as it changes font size and color.


I believe those colors represents some additional detail to main gradient number.
Like: 3% yellow is simply 3%. Reddish 3% means more then 3 but less then 4 … like 3.8 or so … but frankly, I may be totally wrong … :wink:


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Yes that is my feeling, there is an overlap like 3.49 is yellow but 3.5 is orange. but we only see the whole number.

One thing some people do not seem to notice is the course profile a ways below the gradient number. That is, right under the gradient number is the profile for the next kilometer or so (guessing on the distance); down lower is the big picture of the climb. If you look at Gerrie Delport’s picture (near the top of this thread) it is at the very bottom of the green rectangle area. Your motion across the profile seems to be left to right sometimes and right to left others.

Basicly, it is the same feature as: Make the course gradient graph much more visible