Arrow to show direction across topo map

Simple…there is no way to determine what direction you are going across the topo/elevation map at bottom of map display. As rider passes from route to route, they may be going left or right and back again.

The triangle inside the circle representing your position along the route profile points in the direction you are headed.

That arrow/triangle is pretty small on my 14 inch laptop screen. It would be nice if the elevation map had a bigger option.

Also if your doing a race, or a preset course, it would be great if the elevation profile would show the correct course but that a different topic and i’m not here to hijack this.

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Yes i like to see this in future to with a compelte customizable HUD.

The gradient thingy is not new. Vote here:

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Agreed. It’s small from 3 feet away on my 32" flat screen. I think that the triangle on the route profile points in the same direction as the triangle on the immediate grade indicator. I could be wrong, though. I don’t pay a lot of attention to it.