Route Progress in the HUD/Companion


(R J) #1

It would be nice if the HUD or Companion could show me my progress on the specific route that I chose when I started my session.

I know the route is of a specific distance and a specific elevation - but while I’m riding, I’ve forgotten all of that. Knowing my progress helps me accomplish that short term goal - finishing that route.

I think this is a few things:

  1. Start and Finish Markers for a Route
  2. Distance Remaining/Traveled on a Route
  3. Time Remaining/Traveled on a Route, based on Pace
  4. Personal Best on a specific Route
  5. Highlighting the originally selected Route on the Map

Beating your personal best on a segment is a bit short-lived, watching yourself do better on an entire route is much more satisfying. If I know I have x number of minutes for my workout I can plan that based on how long it takes me to do this route or that route - and the data is right there in Zwift.