Route Progress in the HUD/Companion

It would be nice if the HUD or Companion could show me my progress on the specific route that I chose when I started my session.

I know the route is of a specific distance and a specific elevation - but while I’m riding, I’ve forgotten all of that. Knowing my progress helps me accomplish that short term goal - finishing that route.

I think this is a few things:

  1. Start and Finish Markers for a Route
  2. Distance Remaining/Traveled on a Route
  3. Time Remaining/Traveled on a Route, based on Pace
  4. Personal Best on a specific Route
  5. Highlighting the originally selected Route on the Map

Beating your personal best on a segment is a bit short-lived, watching yourself do better on an entire route is much more satisfying. If I know I have x number of minutes for my workout I can plan that based on how long it takes me to do this route or that route - and the data is right there in Zwift.

@R_J I’m with you on this! Hoping something will be updated soon. It’s satisfying to see your progress through the route.


YES please!

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The lack of this feature has been the most frustrating thing to me as a new Zwift user. I was sure I was missing something.

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YES!! In general there appears to be zero feedback from the game regarding one’s progress / position on the chosen route. I can’t even tell which route I chose! (I’m old and forgetful).

We should be able to SEE the route highlighted on the map and see ourselves positioned on the route. We should be able to SEE the name of the route we selected. We should be prevented from ACCIDENTALLY leaving the route (easy to do if your playing with the drone camera).

As a bonus, we should be able to tell which riders around us are also riding the same route. :slight_smile:

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Adding a reward for completing all the routes would be nice too!

yes, that would be nice. it’s annoying to have chosen a route, then you get to what you think ought to be the end of it, and no popup appears… you wonder “when does this end? i want the badge! have i really been riding this route or not?” i had to use my phone to google zwiftinsider to see where it officially ended!