Companion App Highlights Route

It would be nice if the companion app would show the road highlighted with your route.


This would be while you are riding. When looking at the companion app during a ride, the route you are on, the roads would be highlighted.

Hi @Lee_Zavarise

I don’t understand the question.

I see the route highlighted when selecting a event and in my activities. Can you post a picture?

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I think he means on the map in the companion app while you are riding, not a bad idea, but what if you make a manual turn?


That will be cool even if it just highlight where you have been.

I want a big map in game press a button and you get a big map with the route you selected in white, and green where you already rode. With Icons for all of your friends on the map.


Yes I mean while you are riding. Currently you pick a route, yes it shows you the outline of the route before you start riding. Did Stage 1 of the Haute Route. It would be nice while looking at the companion app (phone attached to bars) that I can see the route I’m currently on highlighted.

I really, really enjoy Zwift but there is so many very small features that would make a massive difference in gameplay.


Hi Lee,

The companion app could also display somewhere the route profile you are on along with the estimate remaining time / elevation / distance from finish line !

This would be much more readable than the tiny map even on a big TV screen !

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I agree. I think it would be a great help to be able to see (probably best on the Companion App) the route you have selected to ride highlighted. As it is, you forget or get it mixed up with another and end up having to just wait and see which way your guy turns at each intersection. The addition of the progress bar was a huge help, but highlighting the route would be another big positive step. It could shut off if the rider chooses to manually turn off of the route.