View mph & kph data at the same time please!

I would like ability to see my data in both Imperial & Metric at the same time and I’ll explain why.

In another post I have mentioned how difficult it is to ride with friends in Zwift. One of the ways that makes it easier however is to ask my buddy what distance he is at and compare it to mine then we know how far ahead or behind we are in relation to each other.

The problem is however that he uses Miles/mph and I use Km/kph. Yes I understand that I could change the data measurements to match his but I am used to training in Km now and I know what all my speeds should be and where certain parts of the course are at at certain distances. If I changed that it would throw all this off.

I’m thinking and extra line underneath where it shows you your data now for the option to add both metrics at the same time. This would be a massive help for people of different countries using different systems to ride with each other.

It should be able to be toggled on and off.


Hi Ryan.

You should try this app, I think this is one of the best and most useful add on’s to Zwift, ""

with this app you can view your speed in different units as a overly on your screen.

This will also show a map with a dot following your position. In the past we could also see our friends position but after GDPR it has been removed, but I hope that will may return. If it does return you will be able to see your friends.

I run this on a second screen.

did I say it is the best add on for zwift?

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Hey that looks pretty wicked man.

Is there an option to just select the converter overlay in mph?

All I’m interested in is seeing that data.

I think on our next group ride we will try the world hack option so there will be fewer riders in the map and we won’t get lost.


O yes you can customize as you want.

I will try it out for my next ride.