2 questions/remarks

  1. I would like to see all my data in or on all apps or website in Metric system (so kilometers, not miles). For example, when I zoom in on Zwift on my activity feed the distance is in miles and elevation in feet.

  2. I have driven 2 times the same track, but I can only see the total time and distance I have driven, not the specific times of the track I drove, so compare exactly the same distance and therefore my performance.

If it’s already possible, please help.

For the first item, this is a setting in the game. Sounds like you need to change it from Imperial to Metric.

For the second item, you’ll need to connect Zwift to something like Strava and upload your rides to see this information. Zwift doesn’t offer this, and likely never will.

I have searched the entire site, only 1 place to adjust settings, and only on the overview website the metrics change, not on the in-depth analysis. So improvement point for Zwift.

This is very very disappointing to hear! Big improvement point for Zwift.

You don’t see this as part of your profile on the Zwift website, on the same screen where you set up your name, height, weight, etc.:


Mine’s on Metric and everything shows everything in activity list correctly but jumping into any activities (for anyone), imperial is used. Don’t really use it so would rather Zwift focus on more important issues but it is sloppy.