Different stats in metric and imperial

 I’m constantly having to change my in game from metric to imperial. Every time I log back on it reverts back to metric. I’m from the UK and by brain works in imperial for distance.

I think it’s because I have my zwift mobile app profile set to metric as I use weight in KG.

Can we have an option that each individual stat can either be imperial or metric rather than one over arching setting as here in the UK we use a mixture of both metric and imperial.

My garmin has this option. I.e. you can choose either for temperate, distance, elevation, weight, height etc.


Thanks Douglas - we’ve just had a look at the code and indeed there was a issue added recently that would cause this.

We’ve made the fix and whenever we update Zwift next it should work properly.  Thanks for reporting the issue and sorry for the trouble.

I also swap often and find that the inches and cm do not work when swapping as there are no fractional inches. So, if I am at a certain cm height and then change to imperial it converts that to nearest inches and then on switching back to metric has a huge rounding error and puts me back in cm with a big error.

Even if inches are not in the pulldown as fractional inches, if we input a height in cm and then swap to imperial view it SHOULD remember the height properly in cm (or fractional inches) and not introduce these huge rounding errors.

Please keep height and weight correctly stored in whatever is the most precise unit and ONLY round when the display units may call for it, but do not discard the underlying precision of the measurement.

I would be excellent to be able to set one device to metric and another to imperial so I can track my rides and easily compare stats with my US and European friends.

Hi guys,

This seems to be a problem after the recent update as well, except mine defaults to Imperial each time i start up. Is there a solution for this? Thanks.