Metric ~ Imperial setting bug

In my settings I have metric settings set - kms and metres, which shows up in game when I ride. But post finish, I tap to go into the activity on the companion app and the app crashes. When I go over to the web to access the activity, it comes up in miles and feet. This bug seems to have popped up two updates ago. Has this been happening to anybody else and/or is there a quick fix or a programmer issue??


I have the same issue with metric settings but imperial units when i access the activity on the web.

@Julieanne_Bower and @Gabriel_Brundin

Thanks both for letting us know. We’ve got a ticket opened to fix this.

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@shooj has this been fixed yet?
I made my first ride yesterday and it apperas I have the same bug.

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This issue is till ongoing, I see imperial units in my activities on zwift webpage but have metrics in my settings.
Let me know if you need screenshoots.

I have had issue since October. Does anyone have or is aware of a solve???

Just to keep this issue alive - I see the same thing, imperial in activity page but chosen metric everywhere else.