Keeps defaulting to Metric from Imperial

I made the mistake of changing to Metric for a ride. Then switched back to imperial but the app won’t retain the setting. Every time I log in again, defaults back to metric. I have tried logging in via iPad, PC, iPhone and Apple TV to make sure one device isn’t corrupted.

Any suggestions? PITA, especially if I forget and start race before realizing it’s not MPH and Miles/ft.

For some of us that would be a feature, not a bug :smile:

Give metric a try, you’ll get used to it. Also, you accumulate XP faster! 20XP/km or 30XP/mi
1km = .621 mi —> 100km = 62.1mi → 2000XP vs 1863XP

Do not ask me why. I do not know the why. Ask Zwift HQ. I only do the maths :joy:

Haha, that’s exactly why I wanted to go to the dark side and try metric, hearing they were scoring more EPs!:smiley:

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I’ve just noticed this, I’m a die hard Imperial man and would prefer to retain Miles, is anyone else having this issue?