The ability to display speed in km per minute splits

The ability to display speed in km per minute splits in the bike like they have for the running.

Km per minute is great because it does not matter the following you’re :

  • how tall you’re
  • what weight is

Two people going at 1:30 min per km is going at the same speed.

What is wrong with km/h? That should give you the same information.

Yes, that be good too.

I was thinking about where it displays watts or W/KG or next another rider it says W/KG.

Watts or W/Kg means nothing to me.

Just want option to see speed what I’m doing and speed what other person in real time, so for example:

Person A is 500 metres head and let say they doing 1:40 mins per km

Person B us doing 1:42 min per

Person B knows now they need go lot faster then 1:40 mins per km to catch up

Actually a good idea. I find seeing the W/kg of all the other riders is of little practical use whilst riding. And I’ve seen the forum threads where it leads to accusations that so and so is cheating. Knowing the relative speed of other riders would be much more useful. Yes, I can kind of infer it from the time gap if I concentrate enough to monitor changes in the time gap but strangely enough I’m busy pedalling.

Zwift running uses this method. IMO it works very well for running and easily allows you to work out how fast you must run (in minutes per mile or Km) to either catch runners ahead or avoid being caught by a fast finishing runner behind.

IMO it works for running as currently the terrain has absolutely no bearing on the speed you are running so running speed is generally fairly constant.

In cycling the gradient of the road has, IMO, quite a large bearing on the speed of cyclists. If I am chasing another cyclist, on anything but the flattest terrain, does their speed really mean that much to me - I’m not sure. I suppose I am currently used to looking at w/kg and hope that if I put out a little more w/kg than they appear to be doing then I am eventually going to catch them but probably can’t easily work out when.

Although you can obviously see your own cycling speed elsewhere on your screen I concede you can’t actually see the speed of others around you.